SC Model 2

20ft HC Living Container

Our SC Model 2 features a bathroom, a living space with a bed/sofa, a dining area, and kitchen area with large sliding doors. 
In particular, it is ideal for rental investments, studio apartments, and mountain cabins

Technical Spec


Energy-efficient aluminum frames with triple pane toughened glass. Custom-Made Patio Sliding Door. Frameless Built-in Bathroom Door


Gypsum Board Walls and Ceiling.
Everything-proof Barrier Layer: Fire, Water, Rodent, Insect, Mold


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship to?

For now we can ship our containers all around Europe.

How long does the process take?

The entire process from build to arrival on-site, requires about 3 months. The build process itself only takes about 30 days with testing and inspections. However, since we go the extra mile to fulfill our 4 step quality assurance process, the build usually takes about 2 months. Shipping and transportation can take up to 1 month, depending on your location.

Does the container come with a guarantee?

The warranty period on our containers is 24 months.